Band Info

Raw Noise Apes started playing as a band in january of  2011. We are 3 friends who share the same need for playing and destroying our ear-drums with old-school grind from 80's scene (Napalm Death first era, Repulsion,Fear of God,Xysma...) and a little bit from 90's(Warsore,Gore beyond necropsy,Rot,Denak). We have been rehearsing for about 3 months before we decompose our first demo, which is rehearsal recording and it includes 15 tracks.
Members of R.N.A. have played in the following bands: Terrorismo Musical, Flesh Mangler, March Into the Void, Nataraja, Pärämääskäälä, Melanocetus Murrayi, Phineas Gage, Gore Galore, Go Filth Go).